Training To Sarpanches

Training for Sarpanch through Digital initiatives of Sarpanch4u.in Platform

  • Usage of Internet and Basic Digital Awareness : The Sarpanch can harness the power of internet and have a basic digital awareness, thus paving the way to become Tech Savvy through the various awareness training Programs conducted by Sarpanch4u.in Platform.
  • We Prepare ground for the investments for the Village Development. through corporates who can bring in growth and development in the village.
  • Digital awareness Certification: Sarpanch can be awarded with a training completion certificate after he/she successfully completes the training in on basics of computer & Internet.
  • We facilitate the training of Sarpanch on the use of smartphones, basics of Banking, Digital payments by the Corporates.
  • We can facilitate Sarpanch to prepare better prepare proposals for the Government/NGOs/Corporates in order to raise funds for the development of the village.
  • Training of Sarpanch in the current trends of Farming to maximize the crop yield by employing modern methods in Farming.
  • Training of Sarpanch in organizing adult digital literacy programmes for the rural people.